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I started Ash in Fashion (previously called Dramatis Personae) in July 2007 as an space to share my love of fashion and shopping. It has grown to include my love of lifestyle tips and beauty products, film, the visual arts, food and more.

For any additional information about sponsorship, reviews, or giveaways please contact me.


Reviews are a long part of Ash in Fashion’s history. Reviews are honestly written, with positive and negative aspects highlighted. I hope and believe that my readers respond well to my reviews– knowing that I will never promote a product I would not buy myself.

Reviews may take up to 6 weeks to publish, and I maintain full editorial control over the posts. This is to ensure that I have the necessary time to thoroughly review the product, photograph it, and post about it.

Please note: since the product is being sent for review purposes, if I do not like a product, I reserve the right not to publish a review on it. All samples that have been received, unless specified beforehand, will not be returned.