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Hello! I’m Ashe.

daily outfit featuring dorothy perkins, novica, jewelmint web lace ring, wendy brandes diana spike ring, a is for arsenic necklace, we love colors tights, and miz mooz heels

Hello! You can call me Ash, Ashe, or Ashley.

I’m a late-twenty something lass living in New Orleans with my beau and our two Maine Coon kitties.

I’m a Cancer, ENFP and a Type 4 As much as I want to admit that those things don’t matter, they sum me up pretty perfectly.

I eat way too much cheese, bread, and Mexican food. I have a bad habit of buying beautiful things and then staring at them– insteand of wearing them.  I wear jeans & black t-shirts far too often, and my current kicks are Adidas shelltops– how Sydney Prescott of me.

My favorite films are horror films and art house films, and that describes me pretty perfectly, too.  My favorite bands include Firewater, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, and David  Bowie. I’m a sucker for Alpha Males (something that had to be pointed out to me), which explains my insane crushes on: 90% of the men in Sons of Anarchy, Batman, Wolverine, Mr. Darcy, Dean Winchester, and Luke Danes, among many, many fictional crushes.

I work in the performing arts; I received a B.A. in English Writing/Film Studies and an M.A. in Arts Administration. Occasionally real life gets the best of me–working in the performing arts gets CRAZYYYY. But my first love always is, and always will be, writing. Then film. Followed by fashion ;)


My Style, Defined

There are many facets to my style, and my wardrobe is a bit eclectic– I don’t understand how people could pigeonhole themselves into one style!

At the heart of my style, you’ll find comfort and ease.
There’s always an undercurrent of rock and roll–whether it’s with studs, zippers, boots.
My style’s been described as theatrical–with bold or whimsical statement pieces, vibrant colors.
And there’s always a slightly classic component.

Think of it as if Joan Jett and Audrey Hepburn had a love baby and Betsey Johnson were its fairy godmother.

Get Mischievous!

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