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What I Wore: Pumped Up Kicks

by Ashley on February 18, 2013

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There are a lot of words I’d use to describe myself, but simple isn’t always one of them. And yet, most of my favorite things in life are simple: a simple, delicious meal. The comfort of a good book, warm bath, or a cold beer.  Simple is where I feel my most comfortable.  I don’t always think that style has to be big and bold, but sometimes style is what we feel best and comfortable in.

city chic utilitarian coat, old navy jeans, adidas superstars, prada baroque glasses, foley + corinna purses,

For the longest time, I’d sworn away t-shirts.  Don’t we all do that after college? Look at our graphic t-shirts and think, “These are so immature!” and chuck them all?  The last few years though, I’ve realized that a nice graphic t-shirt has a small spot in my closet. For laid back days and simple moments (or days requiring lots of drinking), and they fit my easy going nature really well.


This jacket! It’s a new piece, but I’m absolutely crazy about it. A friend said, “It has a lot going on,” but I think it’s got perfect going on.  January and February jump from 35 to 70 overnight, and it’s the perfect weight to get through that crazy weather.  I love its utilitarian style: the many pockets and feminine fit with the belt. It makes a scarf unnecessary (and I love that the collar makes me feel a bit mysterious). On my first coat, one of the buttons and grommets came off– a repair I couldn’t fix myself. City Chic was amazing and had a new one out as soon as I put the other in the mail– the customer service was fantastic.

On weekends my style is very laid back. Almost every day, my style is about ease and comfort.  And no matter what it’s like, it almost has a story. Thank you for letting me share that with you!

What I Wore:
City Chic Utilitarian Coat (c/o) & Folk T-shirt by Platypus File
Old Navy Demi-Bootcut Rockstar Jeans & Adidas Superstar II Sneakers (barely seen. Whoops, boyfriend.)
Michael Kors Runway Watch & Wendy Brandes Little Woolf Necklace
Prada Baroque Sunglasses & Foley & Corinna Midcity Tote

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