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NOLA Fashion Week Feature: Designer Camilyn Beth

by Ashley on September 27, 2013

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Tomorrow kicks off New Orleans Fashion Week, and in the upcoming week I’ll be sharing a few designers and collections that have a certain Ashe-appeal. Today we’re chatting with Cami Leavitt, the designer behind Camilyn Beth.

When asked to define the Camilyn Beth girl, Cami says, “Camilyn Beth believes that a girl feels her best and most confident when she is loved. Each garment’s purpose is to be more than just fabric, between the local craftsmanship, the story behind the design, to the inspirational quote sewn into each piece, the Camilyn Beth girl will feel the love when wearing CB.”

What is your earliest memory of fashion? When did that passion and love begin?

I have always been interest in art and fashion since I was a little girl. My prom dress was the first dress I really designed and created. My grandma helped me sew and started teaching me pattern making. After that, I was hooked!

Would you share a bit about your background in fashion and design?

I studied fashion design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. After graduation I spent the next couple years traveling and working in various sections of the fashion industry. April of 2012 is when I officially started my business with my fist boutique order from Hattie Sparks.

CAMILYN-BETH-NOLA-1Is this your first time presenting at NOLA Fashion Week? If so, what drew you to presenting here? If not, what do you like about participating in a regional fashion show?

This collection is my first runway show, and I couldn’t be more excited about showing in New Orleans. New orleans is such a special city. People are so generous in helping you out and embrace emerging talent.

Do you feel that your time spent at the Couture House of Pär Engsheden in Stockholm, Sweden has impacted how you design?

Working with Pär Engsheden on the couture level of fashion was an incredible experience. He trained my eye to see perfection as we used sewing methods from Paris in the 1950s.

CAMILYN-BETH-NOLA-2Your collections are made in Florida and New Orleans – was the choice to keep production in the US a deliberate choice? If so, what inspired that?

My goal as I design a garment is that, I want every woman to feel loved. Getting my collection made in America insures that employes are happy and therefore making each dress with love. I absolutely love American small business. Its great to see that as my business grows, so do other American businesses like manufactures.

Your newest collection is “heavily inspired by the 1960’s art décor & iconic women like Jackie, Audrey, and Twiggy” – what is it about that era and the fashion of that time that drew you to it?

I am so attracted to the mid-century modern overall style. Little tailored dresses and sleek lines of the interior decor are classic and chic and an inspiring foundation to this collection. I like mixing my own details into the timeless styles to make them current for the modern woman.

New Orleans Fashion Week runs Saturday, September 28th through Saturday, October 5th.  Camilyn Beth’s runway presentation will be on Sunday, September 29th at 5:30 pm.  To purchase tickets or find out more, visit New Orleans Fashion Week.

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Vince Samson December 7, 2013 at 8:29 am

Loved the designs. Plain and simple yet can bring out the best in you. Perfect for my summer collection.

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