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Lynchian Inspired-Lingerie for the Wild at Heart

by Ashley on September 12, 2013

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“Sandy Williams” inspired by Blue Velvet– Marika Vera

Every once in a while, not only am I moved by a designer’s collection.  I can become just as moved by the presentation of the collection — in this case, a post about Marika Vera’s David Lynch inspired collection, “Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.”  What started with quick, thoughtful admiration of the pieces turned into full-on throbbing lust when I read this Lingerie Talk post describing Vera’s collection:

They’re all here, like ghosts that haunt our collective subconscious: Laura, Maddy and Audrey from Twin Peaks, Dorothy from Blue Velvet, both Betty and Diane from Mulholland Drive, Lula and Perdita from Wild at Heart and many more.

From a conceptual point of view it’s unimaginably bold and brilliantly realized; from a fashion standpoint it’s breathakingly sexy and bound to kickstart several style trends next year.

Annie Blackburn Twin Peaks, Marika Vera“Annie Blackburn” inspired by Twin Peaks – Marika Vera

To a brilliant and brief comparison of Lynch’s treatment of women in film versus Vera’s adornment of women in lingerie:

The treatment of women in Lynch’s work is always a touchy subject, and the director took a lot of heat from some women’s groups for the gruesome victimization of many of his heroines, especially Dorothy in Blue Velvet. But with this collection, Vera seems to rehabilitate the legacy of these tragic characters, focusing on their enduring sensual appeal and their haunting, one-of-a-kind beauty.

Lynch may torment his women, but Vera adores them.

Sometimes it’s just better to let the words of others (who are more eloquent on the subject) do all the speaking for you.

This collection from Vera came out last Fall 2012, and really is vision.  Each piece is bold, dynamic, and pays thoughtful homage to the women in Lynch’s films. From the submissive, abused sexuality of Dorothy Valens to the mature beyond her years Laura Palmer, you can see the respect and admiration that Vera’s collection has for these characters and their films.

Dorothy Vallens Blue Velvet, Lula Fortune Wild at Heart, Marika Vera “Lula Fortune” inspired by Wild at Heart and “Dorothy Vallens” inspired by Blue Velvet

Vera’s collection is a beautiful interpretation and tribute to the complicated, exciting, and sensual. The rest of the collection (an additional 10 pieces) are as evocative and expressive.  My favorites include the architectural “Betty Elms” (Mulholland Drive), “Perdita Durango” (Wild at Heart), and the “Renee Madison” (Lost Highway).

Be sure to check out her Queen of the Galaxy Barbarella-inspired collection.  It modernizes the silhouettes of the 1970s Jane Fonda film beautifully, but in a way that is luxurious and wearable.

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