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Fashion Week Brought to You By Steve Madden

by Ashley on February 14, 2013

We’ve just finished Mardi Gras in New Orleans (hint: I hermitted out after Saturday, when I did a 5k and hit parades for 5 hours), but in New York? Fashion Week is going on strong.  While I never cover the runway shows (you can visit for that), I’m always secretly sneaking peeks at the collections (I’m not as anti-Fashion Week as I pretend to be).

My favorite PR man (hi, Billy!) sent over this Fashion Week campaign from Steve Madden, and I thought it was too fun not to share. A chance to design your own Steve Maddens! (Mine would be leopard print and rhinestoned. Just sayin’.)  Gift cards! But my favorite part is the Meet the Makers series— interviews with bloggers, designers, stylists, and photographers involved in NYFW. (How adorable is Ann Yee above?! I wasn’t familiar with her before this, but I think she’s darling.)

Steve Madden conjures up lots of memories for me: if Carrie Bradshaw had Candie’s, I had Steve Maddens. They were my first heels (or wedges, let’s be real: it was the 90s and they looked great with my JNCOs). They were chunky heels with thick comic book print straps, and my mom bought them for me for my 15th birthday. In college, Steve Madden walked me from class to many a night on a dance floor. They’re the impulse buy that sits on my bookshelf in black satin and rhinestone crusted heels. And just weeks ago, I hunted down my favorite pair from 6 years ago on eBay; it was a two-year search, but VICTORY! And every time Mallory & I hit the mall, it’s one place we ALWAYS have to stop (and Forever 21. So guilty it’s not even funny).

Seeing this campaign conjured all sorts of unexpected memories for me, and it’s amazing to think they’re a brand who has been quietly sitting in the background of my life for over a decade.

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Louise February 14, 2013 at 5:04 pm

One of my very favorite pairs of shoes were a pair my husband bought me for Christmas when we were still in college. It was a pair of Steve Madden loafers in a gray heather fabric with a 2.5 platform. They were a half size too small but it was before e-commerce would have made it easy to find my size online, so I made do. My grandma has a picture of me framed wearing them with white socks, cuffed jeans, a white t-shirt and a red scarf on my head, Rosie The Riveter style. I seriously miss those shoes.

I’d kind of sworn off Steve in recent years but I am quite pleased to see them making a comeback. With the popularity of oxfords and loafers in recent seasons, perhaps I’ll find a new version of my old favorite shoe. :)

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