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At Already Pretty: Dressing on the Cusp

by Ashley on May 14, 2013

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Last week at Already Pretty I shared my tips and shared advice for dressing on the cusp of sizes.

My whole life, my weight has always bounced between a 10 and 22. Some of those numbers are vanity sizing. My body has mostly hovered between the 14-18 range for the majority of it, which is infuriating.  Between juniors, misses, and women’s patterning, finding the best fit for your figure can be maddening, especially when you’re straddling the lines between standard and plus. (Or petite and standard, or petite and plus!)

For most of us, fashion is a lot of trial and error.  That can make shopping especially maddening, so I share my favorite places to shop and how I find new spots.

As always, the readers are infinitely more helpful than I am, so be sure to read through them– one of my favorite parts about Already Pretty is connecting readers who are similar and able to help one another out in their quest to find fashion that fits.

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