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What I Wore: The Young Professionals

by Ashley on December 10, 2012

leopard print cardigan, tarina tarantno pave heart necklace

I’m a month into my new job, and I’ve been paying attention to how the “young professionals” dress. Because I’m still in an academic setting, what constitutes as “professional” is still more lax than other environments… jeans on Fridays (or non-meeting days) and overall I can still work in my own flare.  That being said, stick me in a room with people from all over campus, and I think my style and confused looks scream, “Little Arts Girl.”

leopard print cardigan, tarina tarantno pave heart necklace, old navy rockstar bootcut jeans, miz mooz franklin heels,

It’s been hard transitioning into NOT wearing jeans everyday. I’ve been on the hunt for good work pants, and these Old Navy Rockstar bootcut jeans fit the bill.  They’re black and non-denim, so I like to think it makes them look more professional. But with the comfort and ease of jeans. That I can wear on the weekends, too. I’m all over that.

Now that I’m also in a position where there’s less box hauling, paint and torn jeans, I’m trying to break myself back into my closet. First up: heels.  I’ve defaulted to flats most days, but recently broke out these new Miz Mooz Franklin heels as my inaugural heels at work.

miz mooz shoes, miz mooz franklin heels, miz moos wingtip, miz mooz oxford

I couldn’t have picked out a better pair– of the 6 or more pairs of Miz Mooz I own, these may be one of the highest and also the most comfortable. I wore them through my 8.5 hour work day with no aches or pains. Since my foot is just this side of wider than normal, I often find that a few hours in heels leads to pinching on the sides OR the bones at the ball of my feet get stabbing pains. That wasn’t the case here. From the second I put them on, they were perfect.

(Also: this leopard cardigan? Best $15 I’ve spent on clothes all year. I’m obsessed with it.)

What I Wore…

Franklin oxfords – courtesy of Miz Mooz
Leopard Cardigan– Old Navy
White “Essential” v-neck – Gap
Black ‘Rockstar’ Jeans – Old Navy
Chronograph Runway Watch – Michael Kors
Tarina Tarantino Heart Necklace – Ideeli (similar and similar)
“Jingle Bells” Gold Nail Polish – courtesy of China Glaze

(Not seen: “driving” shoes – Rocketdog’s Marlie flats- Trashy Diva. Because I don’t have a death wish while driving.)

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