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Links to Love: Racism, MPDGuys & Models, and Women in Politics

by Ashley on May 18, 2012

‘W’ Magazine, Korea, March 2012

‘W’ Magazine, Korea, March 2012

Queen of Holloway is the Queen of Counterfeit. This isn’t the first time one of Trashy Diva’s designs have been ripped off (former Trashy Diva wholesaler Unique Vintage reproduced Trashy Diva dresses & sold the knock-off alongside the original).  This time dozens of other popular vintage-inspired brands are also being reproduced, including Pinup Girl Clothing, Hellbunny, Story Staring,  Miss Fortune, and Heartbreaker Fashion.  Worst of all? The company is just ripping the images off the original company’s site!

And more on the knock-off front: Topshop knocks off Wendy Brandes Swear Rings.  Only Topshop, smartly, pulled them after the outcry of social media.

How to pose like a fashion blogger.

If you don’t like rap, are you racist?  Apparently there’s a few music critics who want to pan Stephen Merrick, of The Magnetic Fields, as racist because he doesn’t like hip hop, Beyonce, or Rap.  … ok.

On top of my post on being a recovering manic pixie dream girl: Whither the Manic Pixie Dream Guy? I spent quite a bit of time chatting with boys & girls about this link and examples of a MPDGuy who fits the mold of the dream girl, and the only two works I could come up with were: JORDAN CATALANO. One of the boy shared: Manic Pixie Douche Bag: Explained. (Which I find extra hysterical, because obviously Jes is more of the Manic Pixie Dream Guy than Logan, because Logan grows beyond his douche-bagginess.)

Do we really want to see “real” women? what a heavy & deep question to really think about.

Girls that Television will never know and The Girls backlash addresses nothing new to Hollywood, but it was sure quick to hate on women.  I haven’t caught the new show Girls yet, but it sure is stirring up a controversy.

Dressing with a Defined Aesthetic at Already Pretty. I’ve always been really intrigued by people who dress for a culture/subculture or certain aesthetic, especially as they age.  I’ve always wondered about the choices, and why a 40 year old would still be punk or goth, and luckily, Sally asked a few people about their choice in fashion.

Autumn questions Vogue’s decision to stop using models under 16 and that aren’t healthy. Is it enough?

Body image is an issue, no matter what the culture, what your style.  Modernizing Modesty & Hijab and Body Image explores body image in Muslim cultures and the impact dressing to express yourself has on the culture. (Via Sally)

How Hillary convinced us not to care about her fashion choices, and an interview with NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: hint– she’s been accused on running for “the hottest Senator” and called “just a pretty face.”


Robert May 19, 2012 at 10:39 am

Great links! Love the article on do we want to see “real” women? I also agree with Vogues decision to stop using models under the age of sixteen.

debi c May 19, 2012 at 1:32 am

lots of good links…i have them all opened in tabs…these things should be talked about as frequently as possible..women are still subjected to standards that do not apply…even men are and many people don’t get that the actual feminist movement is fighting against all sorts of stereotypes and unattainable traditional standards..if a woman is sexy don’t bring her down to just her looks(happens so frequently in politics)..if she’s not into clothes stop saying “not feminine enough”…and as for the fashion blogger poses i am guilty to some of those..but taking your own pics is so awkward sometimes…p.s-the flamengo is easier than it looks but i never do it,it is a yoga posture to me not a fashion pose lol!

liz May 18, 2012 at 1:02 pm

Love the article on dressing to an aesthetic- very interesting!

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