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Links to Love: Beauty, Health & …Letterpress?

by Ashley on March 16, 2012

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Rooney Mara for Vogue.

Why the Hell Letterpress: I love this little dose of Southern culture and history about letterpress artwork– super fascinating!

Another awesome …Love Maegan DIY: this time for Neon Shoes and Painting Leather.  She always has THUH BEST DIY’s because they’re so accessible and work often with what is already in your closet.  What’s the point of a DIY if you have to spend so much on supplies that you could have bought the original product?

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally at Crunch Betty. I typically just use hand soap to clean mine, but I love the use of olive oil, vinegar, and castille soap or baby shampoo as an alternative.  (And it’ll encourage me to hopefully clean mine sooner rather than later!)

Jennifer Aniston’s $141,037 Beauty Routine.  Even more crazy? I bet most of it is tax-deductible, since actor’s looks and fitness are so intrinsically tied with the casting process (more of my thoughts on that later, though!).

Why Fit is the New Thin, & What We Can Do About It: Any motivational statement that has to diss another type of body in order to make you feel good about your body? Not. Helping. Anyone. For starters, who says you can’t be skinny and fit? Or fit and look good in clothes? Or skinny and look good naked? Or neither skinny nor fit and still good-looking both clothed and naked? It’s unproductive any way you slice it.

I’ll admit that due to my own body image issues, I always unsubscribe to fitness related boards on Pinterest.  Because I need to cultivate my own sense of body awareness, beauty awareness, and prescribe to goals that are attainable for me. A 6-pack will never be that goal (and frankly, I’d look sickly if I were that thin).

Research Concludes that American Middle-Class Kids are Brats. Well…duh. I’m not surprised to read this (I work at a college afterall), but I’m MORE interested in hearing what the cultural contrasts are & any propositions for changing this attitude.

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