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by Ashley on April 6, 2012

Charlize Theory for Vanity Fair, Charlize Theron Dial M for Murder, Charlize Theron HitchcockCharlize Theoron for Vanity Fair

An Open Letter to Spanx: The few times I’ve tried on Spanx, I’ve always tried on a size up so they’d be more comfortable. Then I felt like I could achieve the same effect with high waist panties and a fun pair of tights. So I don’t own them. You?

Mad Crushin’ on Francesca Lia Block: The OG (Original Godmother) of Manic Pixie Dream Girls… for Manic Pixie Dream Girls (and NOT lovelorn young men). Marie has pretty much scored my dream interview!

 5 Ways Modern Men are Trained to Hate Women: While I think this is, to some degree, hyperbole, there’s some truth behind the exaggeration, yes? No?

Surprised to See Me: The Biggest Shock of Losing Weight is the (Sometimes Shocking) Reaction by my Old Friends: The fact that everyone notices I lost weight reminds me that everyone noticed I had gained weight in the first place but they said nothing because, seriously now, what is there to say? They said, “Your hair looks great.” They said, “I like those shoes.”

Ulyana Sergeenko S/S 2012 Lookbook. Simply stunning.

Leather Peter Pan Collar DIY.  So many options.  If you’re a fan of fashion & DIYS, then you really need to be reading Love, Maegan.

Patterns, in general, kind of freak me out. I’m okay in stripes. I love polka dots. But everything else? I shy away from.  So I loved Sal’s post on How to Style Printed Shoes — so much so I was thisclose to buying some of the Desigual shoes on Ideeli!

Samantha Brick on the Downsides to Looking Pretty: “Women Hate Me for Being Beautiful.”  This piece has caused a bit of an uproar (and even a male reaction).  It’s interesting because on one hand, I have a feeling it’s more her confidence, and to a degree, arrogance about her looks that people are responding to, more than her looks.  But there are some valid undercurrents in the piece, about how women respond to each other, especially cattily, when they feel threatened.  It’s one of those articles that ends up a bit of a shame, because it could bring up so much great discussion if she hadn’t turned herself in to a mockery.

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