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Best Of… Building Holiday Traditions Together

by Ashley on December 19, 2012

gingerbread house

Image by Stuck In Customs

Each year I get more and more excited about building new traditions with the fella, and for that, I’m including this post in the “Best Of…” series.  I hope you’ll share your new and old traditions with me. Your ideas will be my inspiration!

One of the great things about the boyfriend and I being in it “for good” is realizing that the future is ours–and that we can shape it to REALLY make it ours.

My parents went through a messy divorce when I was a wee tween, and it had a really negative impact on holidays for a long time. It took the magic, spirit and energy out of them.

Even when the Beau and I weren’t dating, holidays were so much better because I was able to spend them with him and his family during my time in Indiana. It was wonderful to be surrounded by people who were enthused and excited to celebrate, decorate, and be together as a family.  Years later, Christmas doesn’t quite feel the same if we aren’t there.

Though this year, we’re both staying how after lots of travel last year, we’re both excited for a relaxing Christmas at home.  It’s a chance to put our own traditions to work.  These last two years, we’ve set off combining our favorite family traditions, and I’m the most excited I have been in ages. Making chili and eating pumpkin muffins on Halloween. Selecting the best and our favorite Christmas films to watch. Spending Thanksgiving with our New Orleans “family.” Buying one new “holiday” decoration each holiday each year (though this year, I went overboard and bought 4).

These are each special moments we’re building together; they give us bright moments to look forward to throughout the year and into the future.  I try to take the best moments from our lives before one another, and merge them into one life together.

What are some of the holiday traditions you’ve build with your partner, family, or friends? What’s the origin of them?

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