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Geek Chic: $39 Dollar Glasses Review

by Ashley on May 8, 2012

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The last time I bought glasses, it cost me nearly $500. This was with insurance, at Mr. Big Box Glass Shop (you know the one, in the mall). I picked out a new pair of frames, and then opted to have the frames changed in my old glasses — a pair for work and a pair for home. This would eliminate my issue of forgetting them at one place! I swallowed my pride, paid the $500, and swore I’d never pay that much for new glasses again.

When $39 Dollar Glasses got in touch about a review, they got me at just the right time: I’d been seriously jonesing for some men’s styled horned rimmed glasses (ala Noah Bennett and J. Edgar). Glasses, in my opinion, should be as much a fashionable accessory for a gal or gent as much as anything else.

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$39 a pop let’s the vision-challenged do that– $300 a pair does not!

My pick was the Laureate 4606 – something related to the horn rim, larger, and more masculine than I normally wear. Fashion friendly, vintage-inspired, and playful.  I’ve gotten TONS of compliments on them and have spread the word to my broke students looking for an inexpensive alternative to the eye doctor’s. (And I spotted Julia/Fashion Pulse Daily rocking a similar pair!)

The Deets about $39 Dollar Glasses:

  • Glasses range from $39-69 for frames.
  • Options for anti-reflective coating (a must for me since I spend so much time online!) is optional for $24.95. (In total, I think my glasses ended up being just under $85.)
  • When I got my glasses, I thought they seemed a bit flimsy. One of the lens wiggled a little in the frame and they seemed a bit creaky. I contacted $39 Dollar Glasses about this, and they sent a new pair out–which were perfect!
  • The ordering process was easy– I entered my prescription as given to me by my doctor; I measured my pupilary distance (with help).  In just days– perfect glasses.
  • The little touches: I appreciate, to a sickingly giddy extent, the fact that each pair of glasses came with a cleaning cloth AND A SCREWDRIVER. Never have I had a screwdriver for my glasses before, and it was this little touch that made me fall 100% in love with $39 Dollar Glasses.
  • Each frame is coded for which face shapes it fits best on & shows you an example– I only wish the glasses hadn’t been Photoshopped on to each model!  This feature was super useful for gauging how large a frame was on the face.

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What route do you take when purchasing eye wear? Fancy & designer, inexpensive? Have you picked up a pair from $39 Dollar Glasses before? (I’ve got my eye on this fetching pair of brown & lime green glasses!)


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