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One Mustard Dress: Three Ways

by Ashley on November 26, 2012

3 ways to style a mustard dress

As I’m working on building a better wardrobe, one of the things I look for most is versatility.  How many ways can I wear the piece? How can I wear it through multiple seasons? How can it accommodate my weight loss and stay wearable through multiple sizes? How does the color fit into my wardrobe and is it filling any gaps I may have?  All of these things have made me more selective and thoughtful when shopping.

It’s been my experience that most ladies shy away from the color mustard (or its close family members, butterscotch and marigold). This always surprises me, because I believe it’s one of the most flattering shades of yellow. (Don’t believe me? See: Already Pretty. Wardrobe Oxygen. Dedicated Follower of FashionThe Clothes Horse. Brighter Sides. Rachel_Emma. Michaela. AnnikaVictoria. Even Dapper on Gents – Little Adventurer.)

I’ve been excited for weeks to wear this Ambergris dress from eShakti; the style reminded me of a simple nurse dresses (is that weird?), but in a beautiful, unusual color.

eshakti ambergris dress, city chic pintuck jacket, house of harlow glasses

eshakti ambergris dress, city chic pintuck jacket, house of harlow glasses, seychelles carriage shoes

When I saw the dress, the first images of inspiration in my mind were peacock inspired. Vibrant teals, rich golds, vibrant oranges, hints of green. Peacocks have always held a sweet spot for me: their bold colors, their swagger and haughtiness. Yet… they seem pretty unaffected. Which I guess is pretty normal for a bird.

Styled: Ambergris dress with Tolani scarf, Seychelles Carriage wedge (c/o PB&J Shop), City Chic Pintuck Crop Jacket (c/o; also in pink), and House of Harlow Robyn sunglasses.

eshakti ambergris dress, old navy denim coat, tolani scarfeshakti ambergis dress, old navy denim coat, tolani scarf, john fluevog inge booteshakti ambergis dress, old navy denim coat, tolani scarf

This outfit seems like a great one to wear on a chilly Spring morning out for brunch with your girlfriends. Or to the farmer’s market.  Or if I had kids? To take them to a park. (Maybe if I lived in Brooklyn.) It also says to me, “this is what a casual day SHOULD look like for you, Ashley, not a black t-shirt and saggy jeans.” Patience, self, patience.

Styled: Ambergris dress with Old Navy denim jacket, Fluevog Inge boots, grey tights (source unknown), and Tolani Morning Glory scarf.

eshakti ambergris dress, leopard print cardigan,

eshakti dress, leopard print cardigan, sole society parker shoes

eshakti dress, leopard print cardigan, sole society parker shoes

This whole idea was “wear to work.”  Since starting my new position, I’m struggling with dressing “professional.”   Going from fundraising (very professional) to theatre (very laid back) and now sitting in the middle of the pendulum in a university position… it’s confusing. This was my effort to try and balance “professional and meeting with provost’s or professors” with “dressing like myself and in a way that feels comfortable.”

Styled: Ambergris dress with Old Navy leopard cardigan, Sole Society Parker wedges, and skinny black belt (from this dress).

If you’re in the market for a mustard, marigold, butterscotch, or other golden-yellow dress, you’re in luck. There are tons of beautiful ones floating around right now. Maybe because the color would also pair so beautifully with oxblood (color of the season), and wintery greens?

Beautiful Butterscotch, Merryful Marigold and Mustard dresses: Golden Dots dress (+ size available; take $25 off at eShakti with code ASHEMISCHIEF) / Soda Fountain Dress (+ size available) / Cumin Right Up Dress (+ size available) / Difference between White & Saffron Dress / Good Afternoon Dress / A Side of Sunny Dress / Skater Dress with Lace Peter Pan Collar & Placket / Skater Dress with Ruched Sleeves

(Life’s too short to look serious)

I spent a lot of time practicing my Buddy Christ.

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