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Finance & the Fashion Blogger: Things I Won’t Give Up to Save Money

by Ashley on May 4, 2011

Image by éloe


This post idea is directly stolen from Fabulously Broke in the City— but with a fashion blogger twist.  I love seeing more and more bloggers talk about finance, budgets & their buying habits.  We all cut corners where we can, but within the realm of fashion & beauty, what won’t you give up?

  • Quality Shoes. We all spend so much time on our feet, what’s the point of not treating them well? I’m hard on my shoes & my jeans above all.  So I’m not going to skimp on buying higher quality ones that will last longer.
  • A quality purse. Long gone are the days of vinyl purses scored at TJ Maxx on the cheap.  They tear within days, and are an overall waste of my money.  I’d much rather drop a few hundred dollars on a great purse–my go to is Hayden Harnett— that I’m going to have forever. (Which reminds me– just because it’s designer doesn’t mean it’s going to last! My Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal bag is showing wear VERY early on…. which is sorely disappointing!)
  • Good fitting jeans. Finding great jeans sucks no matter what size you are, but I’m convinced that the more pounds you have, the harder it is to find a good pair.  Which is why I’ll drop some dough on jeans that fit well enough– though luckily it hasn’t capped over $70 (yet).  A local shop, the Voluptuous Vixen, carries Svoboda jeans— can’t wait to check them out in person!
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow & primer. I love my eyeshadow super pigmented, even for my light every day colors. Considering New Orleans is humid and hot 70% of the year, I want to make sure it stays PUT too. So I drop my dough on Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer & eyeshadow. They’re my absolute favorite. If I wore eyeliner more, UD would be my go-to eye liner too.  (Well, if I REALLY had to save money, I’d prob give them up too. But they’d be the last of my beauty products to go!)
  • My toothpaste. I’m a Tom’s of Maine addict, through and through.  I even have it in travel size tubes!  No matter where I have to get it or what the cost, no other toothpaste will satisfy me.
  • A haircut. Since moving back to New Orleans (and trying to grow out my hair), I’ve had horrible haircut (as in a year to grow out) followed by multiple unimpressive ones, followed by another bad one.  Right now.  Choppy, chunky layers, uneven bangs.  I paid good money for these?  In the past few years, and giving up fun colored hair, I’ve realized how tied to my identity, style, and sense of self my hair is.  Bad hair makes me feel awful.  (You want to damn me for my haircut? I don’t spend more than $50 bucks.)
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stick. At $4 a pop, they’re not a horrible strain on my bank account.  But when I carry 2-3 on me at any time (for my purse, the car, my desk), they quickly add up.  But no other lip balm will do!
  • Lots of fresh, clean water. Which isn’t easy to come by in New Orleans, when our major water sources are the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.  Whether in big bottles, Kentwood machines, or filters, I make sure I’m putting the best water I can in to my body.  In college bio our teacher showed us the pollution and crap that came out of her water filter… and it was a thick sludge that looked similar to dulce de leche.  At that point, I swore not to drink New Orleans tap water unless I had to.

I’m not saying I won’t shop for a deal, look online for discount codes & promo codes.  If I have to though, I’ll spill full price on the above.  Everywhere else?  I can can shop around.  I’ll use Wal-mart’s brand of Oil of Olay and Cetaphil, and I can skimp on designer foundation for L’Oreal’s True Match while stocking up on drugstore, discount body wash.

What are the things you won’t give up (or skimp on) to save money?

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