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The Lazy Gal’s Guide to Self-Pampering

by Ashley on September 22, 2011

After posting my Lazy Gal’s Guide to WERKIN’ IT, Kimmoy at The Curvy Coach suggested on Facebook that I share some tips on self-pampering.  YOUR WISH IS MAH DEMAND.

I’m a bit fickle on self-pampering: I’m good at self-pampering in some ways (emotionally), but really bad in others (physically).  I’m also really bad at moderating my pampering: sometimes I overdo it to the detriment of my wallet or in the form of a stomachache.

The Forms of Self-Pampering

  • Emotional: How we take care of ourselves on days we feel less than SUPERSTAR.
  • Intellectual:  The ways we take care of our minds, imagination, and our mental core.
  • Physical:  Not the same as WERKIN’ IT, but rather the other ways we take care of our bodies that aren’t related to exercise: eating!, massages, pedicures, stretching, dancing, laughing–and crying, oh, crying.  Ladies & gents, I think a little self-love *wink wink nudge nudge* falls in here, too.

I think it’s important to recognize there are a variety of ways to pamper ourselves though– it makes it easier to recognize the ways we take great care of ourselves and figure out where we can use some self love.

Pampering Your Emotional Self:

Fact: this is the area I’m probably the best at pampering.  As a result, it’s probably the place where I could use more moderation.  Pampering your emotional self happens when you’re feeling bruised, sad, angry, or are riding the mean reds.  For me, pampering that area often means doing something to get myself out of the funk– like shopping or eating a cupcake.

Think consciously– on a bad day, what makes you feel best?  Is it shopping? Spending time with your partner? A decadent meal?  Giving yourself a manicure, touching up your roots, or giving yourself a facial?  We all have ways that we comfort ourselves when we’re feeling less than stellar, whether we realize them or not.  When you think about it, what do you turn to on a bad day for solace?  And how can you recreate that feeling of soothing yourself?

Pampering Your Intellectual Self:

Confession: I’ve been in a battle with my intellectual self for years, and it all stems from the Beau.  I try to take an active interest in his desires and to be accommodating to things he likes.  And while I know he’ll make those concessions for me, it’s not often without a little bribery or pouting.

It’s important for us to take time to stimulate ourselves intellectually; if we don’t, we become lifeless, dull, unimaginative, and bored.

My intellectual self is stimulated by: rich and detailed novels, foreign, horror, and art house films, film theory, the early part of the 20th century, human behavior: sexual, creative, and social, beauty, fascinating women in history, our natural world & the small miracles within it (like the size of insects in the rain forest or the Lighting Fields), alternative worlds & histories.

What things get you intellectually excited and worked up? What do you need to do to keep that intellectual curiosity up and going? For me, in involves watching films with heart and meaning, reading books deep with purpose and story, and continuing to find inspiration in the world around me.

Pampering Your Physical Self:

This is where I fall to easily in to neglect; I tend to put my body last on all of my lists in life.  Neglecting your body though, eventually means you’re neglecting every other aspect of your life.  Neglect your body, and you’re tired, exhausted, stressed, and strained more.  All of these impact your emotional & intellectual self.

Deep down, I think this is probably one place where most of us don’t spend enough time.  Those ladies & gents who do? I’m jealous of them.  I wonder what it’s like to continually ensure your body feels great in every way.

My body feels best when I’ve had massages to work out the kinks and knots that build up from stress (I hold on to it too much!); when I’m given (or giving) 7 or more hugs a day; when I can sit back in a hot bathtub and revel in the warm water; how my body feels when it works up a deep, heavy sweat from dancing too much, my breath gasping for air.

Wait, Ashe… with so many ways to pamper myself, how do I do it the LAZY way?!

A little bit every day (and a little bit of all the types every day):

  • End your day with a glass of wine and a bit of dark chocolate.
  • Take a warm soak while reading a book that stimulates your mind.
  • Take turns selecting the movie with your partner,
  • or take turns rubbing down each other’s feet at the end of a long, tiresome day.
  • Schedule time for someone else to take care of you regularly: whether it’s a haircut every 2 months on the nose, a monthly massage, or bi-weekly manicures and pedicures.
  • Create a recipe box filled with tasty, nutritious, and DELICIOUS meals that you cook from– pull from it regularly, at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Start meditating! This is a great way to find peace in all three places.  While I’m not great at meditating, it’s something I’d like to be better at… finding 5 minutes a day to start that is peaceful and calm!


How do you pamper yourself the lazy gal way? Are you prone to pampering yourself one way over the other?


Stephan Hilson September 25, 2011 at 9:39 am

When I read about self-pampering in the title, I was thinking of the physical self-pampering. I haven’t thought of pampering through emotionally and intellectually. I was also thinking of spas and indulging in other things so I was more physical self-pampering state. After reading this post, I realized that I should also pamper my emotional and intellectual side. Thanks for the interesting article.

Kimberlee September 24, 2011 at 12:16 pm

OMG you took screen shots from one of my favorite movies “Earth Girls Are Easy”!!!! I want to try all the fun nail looks she had :)

faye September 23, 2011 at 10:02 am

Love this post :) the photos make me chuckle :)

Ashe September 23, 2011 at 6:38 pm

You should check out the movie (Earth Girls are Easy) if you haven’t. I LOVE IT.

Lexi September 22, 2011 at 10:52 pm

This is great! And I LOVE Earth Girls Are Easy.

Ashe September 23, 2011 at 6:38 pm

Yay! Another Earth Girls fan…. it’s one of my FAVS!

No Guilt Fashion September 22, 2011 at 7:22 pm

Love this post. The bullet points at the end are the best part!

Ashe September 23, 2011 at 6:38 pm

Thanks, bijoux! I’m hoping to put together a MASSIVE list on top of that one!

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