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Big-Ass Bling from Swank Jewellry

by Ashley on November 22, 2011

The adorable Becky at Swank Jewellry shot me an email with her most recent collection– which I immediately forwarded to Miss Malaprop and said, “Can you PLEASE stock this?!”  Because if there’s one thing I love, it’s big ass bling around my neck.

You may remember seeing Wank’s fighter jet and bomb necklaces in the past, because seeing this:

fighter jet necklace, swank jewellry, perspex necklaceFighter Jet Necklace (£30.00)

Makes me think of this:

Which is a love of mine so deep that it’s sick.

You know what another sick love of mine is? Cartoons, cars, and cats.

cartoon jewelry, bam necklace, kablam necklace, wooden cat necklace, wooden antique car necklaceKa-pow Necklace (£22.00); Art Nouveau Cat Necklace (£30.00)
Hot Rod Necklace (£26.00); Pow! Necklace (£22.00)

(Shh. I keep sending the links to the Beau with a note, “Christmas presents.” Hopefully he’ll get the hint.)

If that’s not enough for you? She even has Lucha Libre earrings and necklaces. Sick.

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