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TiLT: February

by Ashley on February 25, 2010

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Love is in the air, munchkins! It was here in New Orleans, and in all incarnations… platonic, romantic, and I even professed my love for a man on a Mardi Gras float for a bag of beads. (Who says my love isn’t fickle?)

Breaking out wigs & crinolines; mulled red wine on cold parade nights; king cake (nom nom nom!); professing my love to men on floats, only to give the bags of goodies to my boy friends; dancing with friends like old times (and leaving before everyone took of their shirts);reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and delving deeper in to our relationships; becoming a regular at my favorite bar & the bartender knowing my order; moleskines for writing endeavors (including Gala’s Radical Self Love month!); slowly bringing more furniture in to the house; settling in & bringing friends over to see the house; new shoe love!; self restraint & contemplation in shopping; boy friends who help fix your car and teach you what they’re doing along the way.

Beaucoup time with the Boy– waking up and talking, snuggling in bed, making bacon together, three lovely words, telling him I’ll make him my boyfriend on Facebook, when Lo charged up to him and demanded pettings (after the initial night of rejections), the security I felt after he saw his ex and I knew all was unchanged with us, taking him to my favorite bar AND favorite Mexican place & him loving them as I do, putting Zen & Poopoo together after months apart, giving him my best Mardi Gras beads and him giving me the glass beads he caught.

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Links to Love

  • My Uncensored Point of View by model Coco Rocha is about her views on the modeling industry regulating body size, being smaller than the average woman, but too fat to be on the runway.
  • Masters of Style: Alexander McQueen shared via The Coveted.  A 10 year old feature on the designer, his life…how much things have changed.
  • Quitting your Day Job at Miss Malaprop discusses the often lopsided lifestyle of going solo & working for yourself. What do you do when both partners want to fly the coop though?
  • A gift? For Me? The Ethics of Blogging at RetroChick. I love to see bloggers so upfront about this issue, especially those of us who couldn’t make it to the IFB: Evolving Influence Conference (like me! sad face!)  Note: if at any point, you want to know my own ethical guideline, as used on dramatis personae, please let me know. I’m all for transparency.
  • 10 Pathways to Inspired Writing at Copyblogger.  Amazing ideas that we all need occasionally!
  • Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog using LinkedIn at ProBlogger.  I love this, because despite the blogging purposes, I find this is a great guide on ways to use LinkedIn that I hadn’t considered before.  It’s difficult for me to figure out how and why to use LinkedIn, but this is great for breaking it down.
  • 100 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Right Now from the lovely Gala Darling!
  • ….there is no free lunch at Instant Vintage is a great look at a documentary series on Planet Green about fashion industry people going in to work at sweatshops, in order to have a first hand look and experience at the conditions in London & India in clothing factories.  It’s really shocking, really compelling, and some of the people’s attitudes are frankly, really fucking surprising.

How are you doing this month, super bijoux? I can’t wait to see your lovelies for the week and month around the web!

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