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Style Therapy Remodel Package Giveaway!

by Ashley on April 1, 2010

Spring is in the air, and I don’t know about you– but I’m looking forward to shedding the after effects of Winter and brightening up my life.  It’s a time when I want to push away the dark denim, heavy wool, and black black black for things more vibrant.

Michelle, the candy colored Austinite at Wicked Whimsy has the perfect solution for those seasonal transitions–times when, if you’re like me, you feel in a bit of a rut and aren’t quite sure how your style has changed in the past few months.  Her new business, Style Therapy, offers online style consultations, priced and packaged to suit your individual needs (or style crises).

What is Style Therapy?
It’s not a “what not to wear” or “oh you’re an hourglass, you should buy this” or “this is what’s in this season” sort of thing. At all. It’s about figuring out how to express your style, while working around any issues or constraints you might have. It’s about you and your style being one happy whole instead of two pissed off parties fighting with each other.

Michelle was kind enough to offer up a Remodel for on lucky Dramatis Personae reader!

The Remodel Package is:
I’ll send you the questionnaire to fill out along with any additional questions or difficulties you might have. Then we’ll set up a time to chat, which can be via Skype, instant messenger, or whatever works for you. We’ll chat for 30 minutes, I’ll record it and email it to you, and I’ll be available to help you via email for the next 3 days if you want any more help or follow-up. This would work best for someone who’s generally feeling uninspired, or who has a specific obstacle, but something a little larger in scope than the above examples – things that might take a bit longer to cover.

I also asked Michelle a few questions about Style Therapy, to get your style palettes wet…
Why Style Therapy?
Style Therapy, the service, came about because I was looking at other styling services and most of them were focused on helping people update their wardrobes to appear trendier or helping people to make their wardrobes more “flattering”, a la What Not to Wear. These are both good and well for people who’re looking for that sort of service, but the idea of either option doesn’t appeal to me at all. My philosophy of style and fashion is that what you wear is an expression of who you are and what you’re about, and sometimes people get a little stuck figuring out how to best express themselves with what they wear.  “Style Therapy” the name came because I thought it best summed up the image I was trying to convey – something that involves all of you and not just your looks!

How would you respond to someone who may be put off by your “alternative” appearance and think that you may be too wild for their very different style?
Well, I would personally tell them that just because I look one way doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate people who dress differently :) I can certainly appreciate that others’ tastes might be more toned down, so to speak, than mine, and I can work within those boundaries. After all, I’m helping clients express themselves, not myself.

What do you hope someone takes away from Style Therapy?
The end goal of Style Therapy is for the recipient to walk away with a clear head about their style and a direction to go in with it. I want to help you remove any obstacles in the path to you and your style being one happy whole instead of two warring halves!

Contest Information:

  • To officially enter the contest, leave a comment–that’s it!
  • Contest is open world-wide; international contestants, bear in mind that time zones may have an impact on Skype abilities, but email is another option/way to do it!
  • All ages, sexes, and sizes can enter!
  • Entries will be accepted until April 15th!

Michelle is also offering 15% off to all dramatis personae readers with the “mischiefmydear,” if you’re in need of some quick wardrobe fix-me-ups!

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