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by Ashley on July 22, 2010

A simple love can quickly turn in to a sick obsession.

For months I’d been admiring my girl friend Cynthia’s chain earrings– she says she got them at ModCloth ages ago. We know how things sell out there–and fast. So I’ve since been on the quest for my own fringe, dangling chain earrings.

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So I sought out a pair via Etsy– and it quickly happened that I fell in love with the Fearless Fringe…Chain Dangle Earrings by Nina Ramone.  And can I say I luuuuuvvvv them? Like I luv luv them.  They feel so sexy on–they graze my collarbone have nice movement, seem so subtle but sexy.  At $18, they didn’t break the bank either.  I’m trying to restrain myself from wearing them every day.  The Nina Ramone has lots of sexy chain jewelry though… bracelets and necklaces, and it’s inspired a while chain-gang sort of love in me.

I find I tend to run towards the darker metals–the pewters and steels coupled with bronzes and coppers. I love the mixed metal look coupled with various sizes in this–has more of a rugged, put-together-in-my-mechanic-boyfriend’s-shop look to it.

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Chain Necklaces:

By Urbandames— love the simplicity of it, while still having several chains on it.
By Liz Larios– I first saw this gorgeous quartz & chain necklace on Jennine & it left an impression.
By ApplesandScarlett— so hefty and dramatic, with this sweet touch of ribbon.

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Chain Earrings:

By Liz Larios — quartz and chain earrings.
By MissyIndustry — love the arrowheads for extra depth & definition.
By Talonalia– I’ve been coveting this earring from Alicia since I saw it.

For the DIY Damsel:

Love Maegan has a Tom Binns inspired chain/rhinestone/pearl necklace tutorial.
She’s Crafty: DIY Multi-Chain & Ribbon Necklace on M.I.S.S.
Also on M.I.S.S.– DIY Convertible Chain Necklace

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