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A Magic Little “Potion”

by Ashley on February 10, 2010


Once upon a time, I believed that the first song I heard in a club would set the tone for the evening… So what does the first pair of shoes in a bright, shiny, new decade mean?

When I’d heard that Jeffrey Campbell was going on sale on Gilt Fuse, I got geared up… I was hoping that the “Potion” boots were going to be featured, as I’ve been wanting them for months.  But I kept wavering up and down at the hefty price tag.  So imagine my delight when not only where they on sale… they were only $69… Add in some Gilt credits, and these sweet boys were on their way home to me for $30 (including shipping!).

Even though I’d heard about how comfortable Jeffrey Campbell shoes were, I was skeptical….maybe because the one pair I’d tried on, so many years ago, was a super narrow ballet flat. It made everyone’s feet look fat and had little support… so I was extra surprised that not only do these fit, but they’re incredibly comfortable as well. The added platform and wedge heel are a great combination…

What I love most about them is how outside of my comfort zone they seem… there’s nothing in my closet like them, yet I’m already imagining all of the ways that I can wear them. How’s that for a premonition for the 20-teens?

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