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If I Were Another Person

by Ashley on October 11, 2010

I was really inspired by Sarah/Return to Sender’s recent post, If I Were Another Person.  Sarah wrote

I’ve been feeling the need to, oh, I don’t know, be someone completely different. To live a different life. To have different challenges. Just to start over from scratch. So, of course, I thought of how I would dress if I was a different person. I’ve always admired other styles – and wanted to try them – but I always find things that just scream “OMG THAT IS SO ME!” and never really venture out of that box. So, I decided, today, that I am going to try some things that aren’t necessarily “me.” I am going to try styles I admire on other blogs or other people – it’s time for a change.

I immediately fell in love with this idea. In the past few years, as I’ve made my way through the awkward transitions of being a mid-20-something and  losing a body I was happy with and proud of, I feel like I’ve lost my sense of self. I’ve lost my sense of pride and the ways I would express it– through my hair, my style, and the way I carry myself.

Maybe it’s time to shake things up? Break myself out of a style and life rut?

If I were another person, what would I wear?

asos curve, plus size leopard print, plus size romper, plus size jump suit, (ASOS Curve: Leopard Fitted Waist Dress; Leopard 2-in-1 Dress; Block Print Playsuit)

  • Bold Prints & Patterns: I tend to play it safe with patterns, sticking to stripes and polka dots typically.  While I’ve branched out with a few new patterns recently, I find that I’m still horribly particular about them.  They’re typically found in my accessories, shoes and scarves, more than anything.  Birdiee and I were recently talking about how animal print in clothing scares us…. perhaps it’s time to tackle that fear?
  • Layers: I tend not to layer. I’m not one of those artful bloggers who can re-purpose and re-style their clothes to the point of unrecognizability by layering.  Layering is something I do in the winter to keep warm, not a means of expressing my style.  But I so admire those ladies who layer and who do it so well!
  • Dresses: Because I tend not to layer well, I don’t really wear dresses.  They’re just one big expanse of fabric, and I never really know how to wear them other than with tights or leggings.  It’s slightly easier in the winter, because I naturally have to pile sweaters and shirts on top of them to scoop up that extra warmth.  My unease with dresses goes so far that I’ve actually cut 3 dresses in to skirts so that I can wear them more.

missphit, asos curve, tulle skirt(ASOS Curve: Military Cape & Asymmetrical Tulle Skirt; Missphit Zigzag Wrap)

  • Volume! Maybe I’ve been watching too much Gossip Girl lately, but I find myself suddenly inspired by Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe.  Wanting full skirts, feminine pieces, more bits for my hair.  But, as a plus-sized gal, I think that there’s a tendency to shy away from pieces that are full, because they add bulk and increase size even more.  But maybe there’s a way to try it out so that it works in my body’s favor?

eshakti, missphit, asos curve(Eshakti Two-Tone Pleat Dress; Missphit Striped Assymetrical Top; ASOS Curve Mesh One Shoulder Top)

  • Harder Lines & Softer Edges: While I went through a punk phase and consider myself to have a strong rock n’ roll streak in me, I’ve really stopped dressing to express that side.  Studs and leather, soft nudes pinks contrasted against harsh blacks, fringed hair and dark eyes.  It’s something that’s inherently me, but not inherent in the way I dress anymore.
  • More DIY: There are so many bloggers who manage to DIY and wear it with panache.  Since I have a sewing machine, hot glue gun, needles and thread, why aren’t I doing it more myself?

What do you think? Perfect break through for style (and lifestyle) ruts? If you were another person, what would you wear? Does it inspire you to try it out in your real life?

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