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OMG Shoes! United Nude Shoes: Mono Jane

by Ashley on July 8, 2009


The first few times I saw the United Nude Mono Jane, I didn’t really pay it any attention; it wasn’t until the adorable Alix Rose posted them (in Ashe friendly colors, natch!) that I took notice.  And how could I not?  It seems with all the comments she garnered, that I wasn’t the only one struck by this playful shoe….

united nude mono jane

The Mono Jane has “perfect summer shoe” written all over it: vibrant colors, playful style, lightweight materials, with a cute peep-toe and contrasting mary jane strap. Not to mention, the wedge heel is perfect for trapsing through fresh grass!

It’s really the colors that did me in though… do I love the cobalt? or the magenta? perhaps the grey, the turquoise, the pink? Gah.

As an added bonus, the EVA material is considered a more eco-friendly shoe material than many other products.  Because it doesn’t use chlorine in its production, it’s decomposition is considered less toxic, and EVA is a primary material used in vegan shoes.  Stylish AND with a heart of gold!

Looks like the “shoe” aspect of my birthday list just grew a bit more… le sigh… (but who is really surprised?)


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