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Ashe Mischief’s Shopping Bill of Rights

by Ashley on October 1, 2009

Via We Heart It

Chances are, if you’re online shopping, you’re looking for something in particular: great deals, a wide variety, and–(hopefully!) most importantly–security in your shopping process.

In these harder economic times, people are more cautious about how they’re spending their money, particularly if they’re doing it online.  Most of us aren’t rolling in extra income, so the customer service side of shopping has become even more important.

I believe that retailers should value their customers above all: they should recognize that the exchange of my money for their products is a sacred act (*cue porn music*), and they should respect my choice to support their establishment.

When it comes to online shopping, I hold particular values near and dear to me. Few retailers are 100% perfect, and I accept that.
Via We Heart It

  • Thou Shalt Offer Exchanges: I think for any retailer NOT to have an exchange policy in place is ridiculous, particularly for online retailers where you can’t try one & fondle the products. If I’m only given the option of returning, or returning and rebuying? You can guess which one I’m going to pick (especially if it incurs extra shipping costs!).
    I’ve had instances with Wet Seal and Steve Madden where I’ve taken advantage of a Buy One Get One Half Off–only to need to exchange for a size.  Their reponse? Return the old, and reorder it for the full price.  You can guess where I don’t shop with anymore.
  • Thou Shalt Offer Price Adjustments: Amazon notoriously doesn’t do price adjustments–to their own detriment. When I want something, and I want it BAD? I will repeatedly order it over and over again, AND use your free shipping option, until I get it for the lowest price.  If you would just offer a 2-week or 1-month price adjustment policy, you’d save more money in the long run.
  • Thou Shalt Have a Kick-Ass Return Policy: Many e-retailers stick us with a 2 week return period. Which is ludicrous when it comes to trying to get something, try it on, and get it shipped back (especially since post offices aren’t open 7 days a week!).  It makes me resentful to get stuck with products I don’t want because I have a super short time frame to get it returned.
  • Thou Shalt Abolish Re-stocking Fees: For smaller, more independent businesses, I can understand a re-stocking fee.  Sorry to pick on you again Steve Madden, but when you charge me spendy shipping both ways, PLUS a $7 restocking fee? I’ll only buy your shoes at in-person retailers now, thanks…
  • Your Customer Service Representatives Shalt Be Quick & Responsive. There’s little more I hate than emailing or calling for some customer service, only to have my inquiry go unreplied.  This has happened on multiple occasions for me, unfortunately.
  • When Possible, Thou Shalt Offer Free/Cheap Shipping & Returns. This is my ultimate wish/desire. I hate to get smacked with $12 shipping 3 ways to pay for shipping, a return, and then re-shipping (John Fluevog, I’m looking at you!).  $36 is an awful lot to pay for shipment on a reasonable item–especially if it’s impossible to get the item locally.

Anything you’d like to add–what makes and breaks your shopping experience? Or any customer service triumphs or failures that have completely changed the way you interact with a company?


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