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Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song

by Ashley on August 6, 2009

In my mind, the start of August means the start of Halloween… time to prepare and plan for a most favorite holiday! And no waiting for September this year (so I don’t look bat shit crazy for planning so early)!

As the boy & I plot whether we can plan a trip to New Orleans for this favored weekend, I start plotting my costumes…(in reality, the costumes I’ve been thinking about all year…)

Lady Gaga!

While this gal is busy dominating all things celebrity, her style is fun & perfect for Halloween. For the demure, admiring fangirl, it’s a chance to really go bold like she’s always wanted to try.  If you’re insane like I am, it’s a chance to break out of your boring business duds & in to what you wish you could REALLY wear.

Perk: Depending on how Gaga you go, you’re well equipped for a hot dance floor or come packing your own defense mechanisms from horny Halloween hands!

Needs: “hair” bow, Marni-esque pumps, jumpsuits & body suits, body covered in rhinestones, dramatic glasses, blonde bob (or long blonde locks). (I’ll even help you find your wig!)

Lady of the Masquerade


If I make it to NOLA, this is a strong contender. A fun, playful, mysterious costume ala Venetian Carnival or Masquerade Balls. It brings to mind many things– Labyrinth, films like Vanity Fair and Dangerous Beauty.

Perks: Cool again for a crowded dance floor. Lots of layering options if you’ll be out and about trick or treating & house hopping and it’s chilly outside (think long sleeved flouncy shirts, and lace tights layered over leggings).

Needs: For me? A great bodice set from Damsel in this Dress and mask from Leather Art Works. You can check out more amazing mask options on Etsy here.  It’s also a fine opportunity for a wig–I know I’ll use it as a chance to wear this gorgeous blonde, burgundy, carmel, & pink wig I have for the FIRST TIME EVER (trust me, it’s gorgeous!).

♥ Joan Holloway

Another likely and possible option for me is the delightful, sexy, and savvy Miss Holloway.  Why not? A great sexy, but modest character if you’re handing out candy to the kiddies, playful for an office party, and great if  you have a fellow on your arm (make him dress up as Don Draper or Roger Sterling!).

Perks: Inoffensive to most people.  Sexy, comfortable, and stylish enough to take you from handing out candy to the office party to your favorite dive bar afterwards.  Only recognizable to those who are big fans of the show, too– I always love a costume that’s open to interpretation!  It’s an especially great costume for the in-betweenie or plus-sized girl… just as sexy as those gals in Leg Avenue costumes & much more flattering!

Needs: Red wig (Unless you have natural ginger locks); a great wiggle dress; 50s inspired shoes; a girdle and bullet bra with stockings for period accuracy and a more defined shape.  Joan always seems to have earrings, a necklace, watch and bracelets on, so no need to keep your bling simple! A great scarf adds neck details, too.

Three months, chickies! Only three months to come up with a dazzling and delightful costume (or COSTUMES!).  Whee!


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