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The Dry Shampoo Trials [part 1]

by Ashley on October 27, 2009

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My hair is: Very fine, but there’s a lot of it. Tangles easily. Super absorptive.  Oily. Colored.

Color-treated or Fine shampoos and conditioners make my hair extra oily by day 2, while ones for oily hair make it difficult to comb through and strip the color faster.

I’ve been trying to tame my hair, decrease the oil production and wash it every other day–but by day 2 my hair feels gross (even if others don’t notice it is).  I’d been using baby powder to soak up the extra oils, but it’s not as great as it could be. So I embarked on a process to find the best dry shampoo for my hair.

Ojon [$24, Sephora]

I picked up Ojan brand dry shampoo at the beginning of the year.  Since it was my first forte in to dry shampoos, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Overall, I’d say the Ojon is mediocre, from my memories of it.  It was less messy than using baby powder, but I felt that it worked less well at absorbing oil. I loved the convenience of an aerosol can to apply it, and especially loved that it didn’t leave any visible residue in my hair.

If your hair is less oily than mine, or you can already go several days without washing, this could be a great touch-up or volumizer.   However, for my needs, it wasn’t worth the expense.

Klorane [aerosol, $18, Sephora]

I’d heard amazing things about Klorane through Gala Darling and Princess Poochie, and they were right! When I initially sprayed Klorane on to my roots, I kind of freaked out–my hair was suddenly WHITE! Halloween hair spray paint white.  A quick brush through, though, all residue was gone, and I was good to go.

Not only did Klorane keep my hair from feeling gross, keep it looking nice & bouncy, I also managed to use it for 2 days in row without the greasies. That means I went 3 days without washing my hair! It was a miracle, I tell you.

The downside? It only lasted 5 uses before it clogged/the CO2 ran out/something. Unsatisfactory. I’m tempted to try the non-aerosol version to see if it would last longer & work the same way.  Or maybe I’ll try the aerosol again and see if I can figure out if it was a clog that caused the problem.

Oscar Blandi [aerosol & powdered, $25, Rue La La]

This was an AMAZING deal to be had, especially since I had a $10 Rue La La credit. Birdiee had nothing to say but good things, and since I was getting the powder AND aerosol form (plus some other shine product, which dried out my hair, made it knotted & feel overall disgusting), I figured there was nothing to lose.

To be honest, the spray less than impresses me– of the three, it’s my least favorite.  It sprayed out incredibly unevenly (occasionally coming out as nothing, sometimes leaving streaks of my hair with white residue).  After it dried and I brushed it through, it left small white flecks throughout my hair.  Unsatisfactory.  To be honest, I was so disappointed with this first use, I have no real interest in using it again.

The powdered version’s “Not too Bad.”  I honestly don’t find too much difference between it and baby powder. I find that, in order to de-grease enough, that it ends up leaving my hair dull and slightly “powdered” looking.  Instead of applying to my roots from the bottle, massaging in, and then brushing out as it recommends, I apply it to my brush and brush through.  Otherwise, there’s little control to applying it.  I’m happy to keep using it until it runs out, though I’m not sure I’d buy it again.

Do you use any dry shampoos? Have a brand to recommend to me?  I’ve got a small running list of others to try out now….

All dry shampoos were purchased by me–however, if you’re interested in me trying out a brand, please let me know!

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