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Developing Your Wardrobe Palette {part 1}

by Ashley on May 5, 2009

Why Develop a Wardrobe Palette?

One of the things I’ve been striving to do this year is refine my wardrobe palette. I love color–and lots of it; but that can lead to many lone pieces that don’t play well with others. This happens often to me, just as I have several pairs of unworn brown shoes in my closet.


I’ve been wavering on doing this:
♥ “Do I really want to limit myself to a color palette?”
♥ “It seems like a lot of work.”
♥ “Is it worthwhile? Will it be time consuming? Will it limit my style & creativity?”

In the end, it seems worth it. There are loads of creative men & women who have limited their wardrobe palette to a single scheme and find endless options and creative choices through it (see Nubby Twiglet & Amelia Arsenic for two amazing examples!).

I’ve pushed myself to stop thinking in terms of  “limiting” myself to the palette, and am viewing it as a base to jump off from.  It may take some work up front, but in the long run, having a wardrobe of colors I feel confident, beautiful, sexy, and comfortable in is worth it.

In reality, it seems that many of us do this subconsciously with our wardrobes.  My goal is to be aware of it, so I can maximize my purchases and the wearability of my wardrobe.

In no way do I intend for this to restrict my wardrobe. It’s my hope that this process will refine and define it, allowing for other colors to come in with a better sense of how and when to be used.

Coming up next… part 2, developing my Color Palette.


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