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It may come as a surprise, but I’m kind of a “crunchy” girl. Our groceries are purchased at our local food co-op, farmer’s market, or Mom n’ Pop grocery store. Most of my clothes are purchased locally (see my collection of 80+ dresses, separates, & robes from New Orleans designer & boutique Trashy Diva). While we’re not perfect (I love Costco & Amazon), each month it’s personally fulfilling to see so much of our income supporting small businesses & nonprofits. When I started my blog, oh so many years ago, I used to feature an independent designer each week. Independent businesses and designers, and those who make handmade goods hold a special place in my heart and wallet. So when Uncommon Goods reached out to me to work together, it was a match made in heaven.

  • A carefully curated shop of independent designers and handmade products? Check.
  • A company that gives back ($1 per purchase), to non-profit organizations like RAINN, American Forests, Women for Women International, and City Harvest? Check. They’ve given over $700,000 to non-profits since starting their “Better to Give” program 12 years ago.

I was thrilled to learn how community oriented the company is: the lowest paid seasonal workers make 50% more than minimum wage.  They’re a “B Corp,” which means they are a business established with the goal of solving environmental and social problems (think companies like Tom’s Shoes or Warby Parker).  Needless to say, it feels good to get to work with a company whose mission so closely matches my own. katie lime earringsWith the holiday season around the corner, my husband and I are trying to offset the expense by shopping earlier. And while I shouldn’t be shopping for myself, I can’t help but find a few pieces I wouldn’t mind having from their gifts for women selection seen seen here.

What really caught my eye was seeing one of my favorite Etsy designers, Tori Tissell of Storiarts and her beautiful literary scarves featured on Uncommon Goods.  I’ve been dying to buy an Alice in Wonderland one for years, and it’s wonderful to see the talented artists on Etsy featured and represented.

Lately I’ve been having some “issues” identifying the type of jewelry I want to wear; as my style has changed, so has my love of large, bold, statement jewelry.  Their handmade jewelry selection (here) has helped me find some beautiful options as my style evolves. I absolutely love these Fern Frond Earrings by Chicago designer Katie Lime.

And if those beauties aren’t enough, let’s not even talk about the gems I discovered in the home decor section… oh dear. Some please lock up my wallet!

In accordance to FTC policies, this post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods; all opinions, passions, and enthusiasms are 100% Ashley-approved.


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