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20 Bitchin’ Holiday Traditions to Adopt

by Ashley on December 1, 2014

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It’s the first day of December, and I’m eager to whip out the holiday traditions. I love the joy of building holiday traditions together and today I can’t wait to share a few bitchin’ holiday traditions to adopt. I’m excited to have recently bid on the Mr. Christmas Mickey Clock Shop. It was my favorite Christmas decoration growing up, and I’m excited to have found a few on eBay– hopefully one will make it home to us and be part of our new Christmas traditions. I’m loving reading about everyone else’s holiday traditions (let’s not limit it to Christmas, okay? Share your favorite Halloween, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, or Easter traditions– or any others you may have!)

Spend whole days watching your favorite holiday movies.

This hasn’t changed for me since I was little, and it’s never the holidays without White Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Frosty the Snowman/Frosty Returns, and now What a Wonderful Life, Love Actually, A Nightmare Before Christmas, and A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All.

Make giving to others part of your holiday spirit.

The Beau gives every Christmas to Penny Arcade’s Child Play (because video games to kids in hospital’s rocks his world). When I hit the pet store, I always pick up extra toys and food for the animal shelters. Whether you adopt a child & give them gifts, spend time at a food kitchen, or donate food to an animal shelter, give to those a little bit less fortunate.

Shortbread / Candy Cane Cookies

Start a Christmas Cookie Club.

One of my best, and most recent memories of Christmas was baking 12 dozen cookies and getting 12 dozen cookies in return. LAWD, IT WAS AMAZING. Grab yo’ girl gang, bake up a storm, and share all those delicious delicacies with one another.

Find something you’re awesome at making and give handmade gifts.

Not only does this stimulate your creativity, it helps you learn great, new skills and makes you a super awesome gift giver!

Start hosting a “Misfit/Orphan” dinner.

We all have friends or family who may not be sharing the holidays with anyone. Open your doors and include them in your festivities. Cook up a turkey, ask all attendees to bring a side dish, and have tons of board games on hand! My gal pal Seale hosts one of these every Thanksgiving. It’s always absolutely wonderful to spend time with my New Orleans family and is a highlight of my year.

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